Ballet as of Now

So, I’m very excited about this summer and all the new stuff I’ll be doing with ballet.

This past Saturday I auditioned for my studio’s company and I’m very happy to say that I made it. :) So now I’m officially a member of the company’s Petite 1. I think I could manage Petite 2 but I won’t criticize the judges’ choice. They know best. I’m just glad to have made it. ^_^

And then today, I had the even more exciting experience of getting my first pointe shoes!! This has been my goal all long. When I first started ballet, I started it with the intent to learn how to dance en pointe….and now that dream is finally becoming a reality. My last year of dancing here and my dream is coming true.

My new pointe shoes!!

I love my pointe shoes. They hurt like hell, but that is to be expected. The only (tiny) complaint I have is the color of the shoes. I tend to prefer more pink shoes but these are a more yellow hue. But honestly, I dont think it matters. The color is such a minor thing, I’m just glad to have my shoes!! I can’t wait till June 7th (when summer classes start) and I can dance in my shoes for the first time!! :D

So I’m very excited about this year of ballet. Since, I dropped out of band, I will have more time and money to devote to ballet. I’m hoping this year will help clarify whether or not I want to pursue dance as a career. I’m very conflicted at the moment because I love dancing, but the logical part of me says it’s an unrealistic and impractical goal. I’ll make more money and be more successful if I just go ahead and pursue my original intention of graphic design.

But I love dance, and I don’t want to give it up. I worry about the fact that I got my start so late in life, but things have changed so much now that I don’t think it’s as a big a deal if I started a little later and thus, would start a career later. I’ll have to see.

I’m just so happy about ballet right now. I couldn’t be more excited!!


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    Jul 11, 2010 @ 19:10:44

    I must tell you how wonderful your blog is! You give us all a glimpse into the realities of doing pointe work. Your drawstring episode reminds me of the pointe shoe “adventures” I had as student so many years ago; broken shanks, disappearing drawstrings, squeaky soles, bad fittings, e.t.c. Ballet can be an adventure…….


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