Company Roster

So we got a phone call today announcing that company rosters are going up (online) and rehearsal schedules are being emailed and woohoo. Guess what?? They left my name off the list. Why does this not surprise me??

Hopefully they’ll get it put on there. If not…guess we gotta make a phone call.

But summer intensive starts in about 4 days. I’m ready for it to start. I’m so bored with summer.

But anyways….when I went online to check the roster, I started reading some of the bios of the other dancers….and it just makes me sad. All of the girls my age started dancing when they were itty bitty babies. A lot of people want to become professional dancers…which makes me feel like an idiot for wanting to be one too (because I’m so inexperienced). This age thing is a serious hindrance.

I also found out there’s 5 levels in the company instead of 4…which means finishing up my training there will take an extra year. Usually that wouldn’t be such a big deal…but I’m on a time crunch here. I can’t help feeling like my clock is ticking way too fast.

This is gonna be hard.


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