First Day of Class

Today….what a day.

Summer intensive/classes started today. I am exhausted. Let me start by saying that last night, for some reason, my body/mind decided to not go to sleep till about 2:00. Fun.

Anyways…had technique 1 class to start things off. We have a guest teacher in there for the week (plus mixed levels) so it was a pretty easy class. I was thankful for that because last year, I’d experienced going to a class that was too hard for me and getting scared off. Luckily that didn’t happen this time.

Then I had beginner pointe. We didn’t actually do any footwork. Just got our shoes checked to make sure they fit right, and safety pinned our elastics and ribbon so we could sew them on later. I was so afraid because once I got there, I found out that no one at my studio (the director or teachers) liked the store where I got my shoes from because apparently they had a bad selection and inexperienced fitters. I was scared that my shoes didn’t fit right and I was going to have to get new shoes. Thankfully, it appears that the person who fit me did a good job and my shoes are fine.

I had a 2 hour lunch during which I was incredibly bored. I thought there was going to be more people there so I didn’t bring anything to do.

Next I had velveteen rabbit rehearsals. We worked on the nursery scene today. I was given the part of the arabian doll to learn (however this doesn’t mean I will get that part.) Tomorrow is the nature scene, and for that, I’m supposed to learn the part of the blackbird and flower.

Now when I got home, that’s when the real adventure started. I began to sew my elastics into my pointe shoes and after I finished one shoe, I realized the elastic string around the shoe had gotten pulled into its casing. Fun. So my parents and I spent the next god knows how long trying to get the stupid thing out. The whole end of the casing wound up being cut and shredded. I was so upset and afraid that my pointe shoes (which I hadn’t even gotten to use yet) were going to be messed up and ugly. But once we got the stupid string out, my mom was able to fix up the shoe so it barely looked like anything had happened. (Thank god for moms experienced in sewing).

But needless to say, I am exhausted right now. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to get some sleep tonight. My feet hurt and I’ve got another long day tomorrow.

Wish me luck. :)


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