Day 2 of Class!!

So I had techique 2 today and veleveteen rabbit rehearsals. Also, company orientation was tonight.

I was really disappointed because technique 2 was the exact same class as technique 1. We did the exact same things. I think that’s because we have a guest teacher though so she’s still trying to figure out where every class’s skill level is. Plus, she’s a big believer in stressing and perfecting the basics.

In velveteen rabbit rehearsals we worked on the outside scene. I’m learning the part of flower and blackbird. If we stick with the video (which we probably won’t but….) the blackbird part is on pointe and since I’m very new to pointe – I probably won’t get that part. He’s also making us all learn the fairy part to help us understand the ballet and traffic and all that.

Then I had company orientation tonight which was fun but boring as can be expected. I’m really excited about this year. It’s gonna be crazy busy with being a company member and a senior in highschool. But I am so excited.

The company has a big sister/little sister thing and tonight I found out who my big sister is. It’s not who I was expecting but they decided to give me the person who they deemed “most mature” since I am the oldest petite 1.

Oh!! And we have our first big sister/little sister party on Friday, which is exciting. Hopefully I’ll be able to make friends with people closer to my age.

But I’m happy about ballet. My only regret is I wish I’d started sooner!! I’m excited to see what this year holds.



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