Big Sister/Little Sister Party

So today, we had our first big sister/little sister party. Its was fun. I’m glad I went.

First off, my big sister wasn’t there, which is kinda sucky since I would like to get to know her better – but it’s no big deal. I wasn’t the only person who was “sister-less” and one of the”big sisters” I know from school adopted me for the night.

Of course there was lots of food which I was happy with because I had barely eaten all day (my own fault, I know). First we played the question and answer game where we passed around a bucket with slips of paper in it that had questions on it. Self explanatory. It was fun. I enjoyed that because I love talking about myself. ^_^

Then we played sort of an abbreviated version of Quelf. That was kind of fun but it got boring fast because we had such a big group. We only lasted 2 rounds. Oh!! I did have to make a mask though out of “household” supplies. I think it turned out pretty good:

big sister/little sister

Then we played musical chairs. I was the first person out because I wasn’t trying that hard. Haha. I was happy to just sit and relax and watch everybody else run around chairs.

Finally we ended with a group shot. But it was fun. I’m glad I went because hopefully now, I’ll start to develop some friends?? God knows I need them. It was nice to be around people my age too. Its gets a little tiring always being in class with younger kids. They’re great and all, but they’re just hard to related to.

But hooray for making new friends. I look forward to more big sister/little sister parties in the future. :)


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