Shoe Drama = Almost Ruined Birthday

So today is my birthday, I’m 17 – yippee!! But that’s not what this post in about.

It’s about how my ballet shoes threatened to ruin my entire birthday!!

So I had school portraits today, and we opted to do extra pictures – I wanted some ballet pictures.

On Mondays and Wednesdays – I have pointe class.

Normally these two things wouldn’t be a problem – except that in pointe class today, my shoe came untied (without my knowledge) and the elastic got stuck inside its casing (again). It was all I could do to keep from crying then and there (I waited till I was in the car).

So when I got home, and I was so upset. I went crying to my mom to get her to fix it. I was sure the day was ruined (because I had planned to take my ballet pictures on pointe.) But (hooray for moms!!) she got it fixed – and all was well….or so I thought.

Turns out I had left pointe class in such a hurry, that I left my ballet shoes in the studio!! That’s great. I was planning on using those in my shoot too (so I could do some more advanced moves). There’s goes 30 minutes of my life. So I went back and got them (turns out I didn’t even need them though).

But I think the picture session went well. I am a little disappointed in the ballet photos because 1.) the photographer seemed obsessed with taking pictures of my putting on my shoes (there’s 36 photos) 2.) A lot of my facial expressions are kind of odd (oh well) 3.) And in the last set of pictures that I like, I have a major leotard wedgie.

Oh well. There are still a few nice ones.

I wish I could have done more poses, but I couldn’t really think of anything. And I was limited by being on pointe. I don’t know. I don’t think there’s was much else I could’ve done on demi-pointe. I just wish the pictures were a little more exciting. They didn’t exactly match the vision in my head.

But anyways….my mom took me to olive garden for my birthday dinner and let me skip church. I got several IOU presents and I have lemon meringue pie to eat for birthday cake. Even with all that shoe drama, I think today turned out pretty well.

(Oh – and I don’t know when I’ll be able to have the pictures up because I have to wait till we get them ordered and delivered and then scan them and blah blah blah.)


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