Yard Sale & Senior Project

So today, my ballet studio had a yard sale to help with funding, and now that I’m a company member, I’m required to help out at all fundraisers.

So this morning, me and my mom went to help out. There wasn’t much to do, it was rather boring. They had enough people helping out already. But when it came time to pack up, we were needed, so it wasn’t a total waste. It was funny because my mom kept packing things up that weren’t supposed to be taken away.

A lot of the stuff we donated didn’t sell though. Oh well. It’s out of our house now at least.

But anyways…what’s really been on my mind lately has been senior project. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do for it since junior year.

I’ve been considering trying to choreograph a dance. I’ve thought about it before, but it just seemed like an unlikely choice. I feel like it will be a really difficult thing to accomplish. I’d like to preform it too.

I already have a song picked out: Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. I love that song. It’s really emotional and has a good steady beat to it.

It would be a solo piece, and I was thinking about it being done barefoot. I would choreograph it so that I could preform it, but it would still be challenging for me. I would need help from our studio director, or someone more experienced, because there’s still a lot about ballet that I don’t know.

I feel like the reason I want to do this is so I can prove myself as a dancer, to the people at the studio and myself. I feel like I haven’t had a chance to “show off.” And I’m just really eager to show people that, yes, even though I started dancing really late, I’m still a good dancer. And I know I’d be good at a slow lyrical piece. That’s what I enjoy. Plus, I figured since I would be so busy with dance this year, I might as well try to center my senior project around dance as well – to make things easier.

But I don’t know. I figure I’ll talk to my studio director about it when I talk to him about college and all that. I’m sure he would have to best advice and would even be willing to help me.

We’ll see….but either way, this should be an eventful year.


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