My First Pilates Class

So, back when I joined the gym, I joined with the intention of taking pilates and yoga classes; but due to my fear of new people, I’ve been putting off going. Well…I finally went today.

It turns out that the guest teacher we’ve had at my ballet summer intensives also teaches pilates at the gym I go to. So today, after I’d bought a mat and everything, I went to her class.

Let me tell you. I thought I was in shape – but that class kicked my butt. I can still feel it in my abs, and my shoulders and butt are kind of funny feeling too.

It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I was expecting a lot of ab workouts because all I really knew about pilates was that it strengthened your core. I wasn’t expecting leg and arm workouts as well!!

But I can definitely see why a dancer would benefit from taking pilates. It works a lot of muscles that are essential to dancing. Hopefully taking this class will help me catch up strength wise. I’ve read that many late-start ballerinas will take pilates and yoga to help develop their muscles more quickly. I don’t have 13 years to develop my strength like all the other girls at my studio do!!

But I definitely plan on going back and becoming a regular. I really like the teacher, and its great because I already know her!! I think pilates will also help with my breathing (because I tend to hold my breath sometimes when I dance) because all of the exercises are coordinated with your inhale and exhale.

I’m planning on taking a yoga class on thursday. Hopefully I won’t chicken out. I can’t wait to tell y’all how it goes!!


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