Negativity (disguised as Realism)

So, I was browsing the internet for dance related stuff, and I came across this article. I have to say I was somewhat appalled by it.

This person is sitting up on their high horse saying that being a professional is simply impossible for a late starter in ballet. And they’re saying that all these “late start professional stories” all happened in the 1970s when ballerinas were in higher demand.

I simply don’t agree with that.

Anything really is possible if you follow your dreams and think positive.

And people on this forum were saying pursuing a dream of a professional career is a waste of time, money, and companionship. I don’t agree with that either!!

If you spend all your money and time pursuing something you love and pursuing a dream you truly desire, then you have spent that time and money in the best way possible. You don’t loose companionship if you go off to train somewhere far from home. You make new friends. You increase your companionship.

Yes, I will agree with that poster, that wanting to be the prima ballerina at ABT or NYCB is unrealistic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your goals!! You could still make the corps of any number of professional companies.

Anything is possible!!

I just wanted to post this for any body else who may read things like this and get discouraged. Don’t!! You are in control of your future and you can make your dreams come true.

I wish people wouldn’t post stuff like this on the internet. All girls in ballet are already feeling self conscious and doubtful of themselves, they don’t need random people on the internet making them feel worse.

“Follow your passion and success will follow you.” ~ Terri Guillemets

“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” ~ John Heywood


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