Back from SCAD Camp

Man am I glad to be home. This week has been an adventure for sure.

I have to start out by saying that the dorms we stayed in were horrible!! My dad joked that someone had been murdered in there. They were so dirty that we had to wear shoes 24/7. The water constantly fluctuated temperatures due to multiple people using it at once. Everything was the bare minimum. They don’t show you those dorms on the tour. No, they show you the nice fancy brand new dorms. My mistake for thinking $1100 meant we were staying in those.

But anyways…the classes were pretty good, my teachers were awesome. While I was there I took printmaking and graphic design. I have decided that I really do not like printmaking (see: wikipedia). The techniques we were doing were really just not working for me. I was incredibly frustrated with that class, and I had to stand up usually for the whole time.

Graphic design became fun, but at first it was just as frustrating as printmaking. Why?? Because trying to learn how to use photoshop on a mac, when I’ll you’ve ever used is a PC, and you’ve never even touched photoshop, is a real pain. I started to get the hang of it around the third day. My first poster I made (which got used for the exhibition) wasn’t my favorite, but we couldn’t get our second printed in time (a motivational ballet poster).

Yes, most of my artwork this week focused around ballet. That’s really all I could think about while I was there. About how much I wanted to get back to dancing, and worrying about losing my muscle strength. Really though, going a week without “real” exercise is making me antsy. Plus my muscles feel as tight as a rubberband. Its killing me. And my gym was closed (to move) sometime while I was gone and I can’t find any information on when it opens again.

But here’s what I’ve decided: SCAD (campus) isn’t as impressive as I thought it was. I found out I really didn’t like Savannah. I love to dance. And dancing is all I really want to do now.

My mom says she wishes she could let me take some years off to let me dance but that her insurance won’t cover me unless I’m going to an accredited school but….we’ll worry about that later. (I think the Joffrey is an accredited school, and so is the Boston Conservatory. I think I’d really like to get into Joffrey).

But yeah. While I was there, I confirmed what I already knew. That dance is what I really love and what I really want to pursue. I don’t care how “unlikely” my dream may be or how hard I have to work. I want to do it and I will do it.

End of story.

(Now it’s time to have that talk with my studio director. Scary!!)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jul 18, 2010 @ 12:51:33

    Welcome back. I’m sorry the camp conditions were so dreadful for you.


    • emilleejoyce
      Jul 18, 2010 @ 13:15:28

      yeah but I lived. Other then the dorms the camp wasn’t too bad. Plus, I didn’t realize how much I would hate savannah after only a week there. Usually its a very enjoyable place.


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