The I Flex Jr.

So I purchased the I Flex Jr. and it came in the mail today. But I have to say, I’m somewhat disappointed in it.

The first problem I had was finding an accessible door that I could use (that’s my problem, not the I Flex’s though). All of our doors tend to have stuff around them.

But I didn’t really feel a stretch when I used it. This thing really does help me get my leg up high, but still, no stretching feeling. And it’s really hard to hold me leg up (again, that’s my problem). I do see potential in this thing though to help me strengthen those muscles.

When I tried lifting my leg to the back in an arabesque, it rally hurt my back muscles. It felt like they were all bunched up, even though I was trying to maintain correct ballet form. IT may not be too helpful in that department.

I’m still gonna keep working with this because I spent money on it and it has the possibility to be helpful. I’m just a little disappointed in my first run with this thing. Maybe its just stretching my legs in a way I’m not used to….so therefore it doesn’t feel the same??

I don’t know.

Even if I find I can’t use it the way the advertisement shows, it still makes a great strap stretching strap that I can use for other stretches.


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  1. baby
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 08:40:28

    Nice website!!


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