1st Pair of Pointe Shoes: Take 2

So I’m back from Columbia with new pointe shoes (and gel pads) and I’m happy…but nervous.

I tried on a bazillion and one pairs of shoes and none of them fit right. My most common complaint was either to narrow or too much gapey material. I have narrow heels with moderately wide balls of my feet, which makes shoe shopping hard. There were only a few shoes that looked decent and fit.

The shoe I wound up getting was the Chacott Veronese II.

my new pointe shoes

Now, I like this shoe. I like that its softer then my old shoes, but I worry it may be too soft. I’m also worried that the vamp may be too short for my toes. (I have long toes; from knuckle to tip, my big toe is about 3 inches). I’m also afraid my director won’t like the color. Anyone who’s seen this shoe knows it is very orangey looking. For my part as a flower in the Velveteen Rabbit, I’m supposed to have pink pointe shoes….I hope these will be okay.

There’s just so much to worry about with these shoes. And I have to wait 2 weeks before my studio director can meet with me to check them. I don’t want to wait that long!!

But I like these shoes. The orange color doesn’t bother me. But I don’t want them to wear out in 2 months because of my high arch. I don’t want to make my parents have to pay that much.

I went to the store my ballet studio recommended and got fit by a person who seemed to know what they’re doing, but I still worry these shoes may not be right. Because of my weirdly shaped feet, not many shoes fit me.

I’ll just have to see and hope that my director likes them.

And just so you know, this meeting to check my pointe shoes is on August 7, time currently unknown, and its also when I’ll be discussing my professional dream and class schedule. Scary.

Another scary, but exciting thing?? I’m getting my braces off tomorrow. Popcorn and nuts, here I come!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pointeshoe.net
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 19:18:17

    First of all, congratulations on getting your braces off. I wore braces in my 30’s and it was quite a relief to have them taken off so I know how you feel! Your foot is very unique, but I remember several pointe shoe models that are cut narrower in the heel with a wide metatarsal area. The Capezio Aerial is made this way, but it is so soft….probably worse than the Chacotts you have now. Bloch has a model with narrow heels and a wider metatarsal. It may be the Suprima or the Synergy. Have you ever tried Gaynor Minden?


    • emilleejoyce
      Jul 27, 2010 @ 19:35:48

      I tried some gaynor mindens at the store but they also have very low vamps. They are very comfortable shoes but we didn’t find “the one” there. Maybe if I could afford a trip up to their store, I’d have better luck!! I tried on a bloch shoe and it fit really well, it was between this shoe and the chacott – but it was super hard!! I could barely get on to the box the shank was so hard!! The box was hard too but I didn’t mind that, though I was trying to find a softer shoe.

      I’m going to stick with the chaott’s now and see how long those last me and maybe if they don’t work too well, I’ll see if I could find that block shoe I tried on. I think I could deal with a hard shank. I’m still really interested in gaynor mindens but I think I’d like to wait until I get more advanced to try those.


  2. Pointeshoe.net
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 11:59:43

    I found this link today about the Grishko Ulanova II http://www.nydancewear.com/store.html?action=viewProduct&CID=2&PID=165 that describes your foot somewhat…….Grishko’s are very hard, though. Finding the right shoe can be such a challenge. I think Chacott pointe shoes are so beautiful and I think you will be a lovely flower on stage.


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