Ballet’s Back in Session

After a two week hiatus, my ballet classes have started up again. Yesterday was my first Petite 1 class.

I can’t say we got much done. With yesterday being the first class, our instructor did a whole lot of talking. Also, I feel like this class will be a test on my patience. The people in Petite 1 are all different skill levels. There are some on pointe and then some are just barely out of pre-ballet.

But my pointe class got moved up. I’m no longer in beginning pointe, I’m in Pointe 1. It’s exciting for me but intimidating. The first thing we started with in pointe class yesterday was roll ups in center. Holy crap. I have trouble doing roll ups at the barre – much less in the center. I just don’t have to muscles yet. So I feel like I made an idiot out of myself on that exercise.

But I was really proud of myself in that class too. I was doing stuff on pointe that I didn’t think I had the ability to do!! For example, and the end of the class our teacher had up do pique turns. And while mine were probably some of the worst in the class (I was having trouble spotting and I could only do one at a time) I was still able to do them. And that makes me proud. I think before when I tried turning, I was just so afraid of falling that it was actually hindering me. I’m glad I learned how capable I am.

But now I’m debating whether I should take Ballet 3 tonight on pointe. Part of me doesn’t want to go because it’s not my required class, but I want to get better and get stronger so I don’t know. I just have to get over that social awkwardness fear I have.

But yeah…while I’m not set on a professional track anymore, I still want to do my best and get as good as possible. And I’m proud of my abilities, even if I don’t have any “natural talent.”


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