Accelerated Technique Class

So how bout I got recommended for the advanced technique class on Saturday?? That’s pretty awesome considering you have to be recommended for it. I’m so glad my hard work is paying off.

That means I’ll be taking ballet 5 days a week. Wow. What a busy schedule!! I swear, it seems like I have no free time anymore (not that I’m complaining!!)

But since I got promoted, I’ve also been trying to decide if I should go to juniors class or not (a level above me). It makes me nervous because I’m afraid I’ll make an idiot of myself, but everyone I’ve talked to has been very encouraging about it. I don’t know. I might wait a little longer, or email my studio director with my concerns and ask him what hethinks.

And I’ve been in contact with the lady who will teach me private lessons. My parents only want to pay for one lesson a month – which is fine. I can work with that. But it turns out that this private teacher actually teaches one of my Petite 2 classes, so I already know her.

But yeah….I’m moving up in the world!!
It really sucks that this is my last year here. :/


1 Comment (+add yours?)

    Aug 27, 2010 @ 10:13:36

    Wonderful news and it seems as though your wish for catching up is really happening:)


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