Junior’s Class

So I was thinking that I may start taking junior’s class twice a week instead of once a week.

One of the younger girls was telling me about her sister today (who was also a late starter) and said that she went from a petite 1 to a junior in one year. This girl also said she thought the same thing would happen to me. Haha. I don’t know, but I think it is a goal to work towards.

And to me, to achieve that goal, I think I need to be taking juniors twice a week.

I like that class, because the people in there are closer to my age (a lot of the senior girls take it too) and it’s more challenging. One of the dancers told me that it was better to take a more advanced class then it is to take an easy class. I feel kinda bad leaving behind everybody in ballet 3 but it’s okay. I’m sure they’ll get over it.

Also, I think I’m at peace with my decision not to pursue dance professionally. I think I will be happier for it in the long run. I don’t want dance to turn into work. Dance is fun, and I want it to stay that way. Yeah, I want to get better, learn how to partner, all that good stuff…but let me do it on my own time, instead of trying to fit it into the time constraints of professional ballet.

But anyways, theater week is going on right now. We had our school performances today and our final, public performances are tomorrow. I’ll post more about all of that when we’re done though. No class monday though – I get a break!! Yay!! :)


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