Theater Week is Over!!

Yay!! Theater week is over!! I love it but I hate it – it’s so tiring!!

But all of my performances went well. As far as I know, I didn’t make any horrible mistakes or anything.

I didn’t like my costumes though. My Arabian doll costume was too small for me in the boobs. I’m pretty sure it was like 2 cups sizes too small. Ballerinas aren’t supposed to have boobs I guess. But it’s no big deal because I didn’t have to wear it that long. My flower costume was better, it just felt kinda old lady-ish. My parents took a few pictures of me, but they’re not great, so I don’t know if I’ll upload them.

Also, after the last performance Saturday night, a lot of people (including me) went to Chili’s. It was okay. I went because I figured I should actually try and be friends with people instead of always standing off to the side. I’m still having issues “assimilating.” Haha. But I was very tired when I went and everybody was kinda loud….so it was okay.

But now I’m super excited to start working on the Nutcracker. I’m really hoping I get some sort of cool part. I really wanna impress people!! I’m kinda hoping for a more difficult pointe part but I don’t know if that will happen cuz I’m still not great at pointe. :/ But we’ll see. I’m excited either way. It’s my first nutcracker performance!!

But anyways, I just signed up for a master class that’s going to be taught by two Parsons Dance dancers. It’s really exciting. I asked my director if I thought I could take it and he said yes. So now on September 22, I’m going to go. I’m happy about it. Any opportunity there is for me to improve my dancing I’ll take!!

But I get tomorrow off, and then regular classes start Tuesday. I’m glad to be going back to regular dancing. I’m going to try really hard to improve a lot between now and nutcracker, on flat and on pointe!! I just want so bad to become a good dancer. I want to show everyone I can do it!!


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