What Ballet Teaches Me

So this week has been sorta a sucky ballet week. My turns have been bad, I had that whole fiasco with the master class. Not a very good week at all. But it’s made me keep in mind what ballet teaches me.

My entire life, it’s always seemed that I’ve been good at everything. I never study in school and still make As & Bs. I can basically pick up any instrument and play it. Art (at least 3D & graphic art) comes naturally to me. I’m not trying to brag, but I’m just showing that I’ve never had to try. I’ve never had to experience what it was like to not be good at something.

But then I started ballet, and suddenly, I wasn’t the best anymore. I actually have to put in effort to improve in ballet. And this sucky week of ballet has reminded me that.

Ballet teaches me to be humble. I’m learning to accept the fact that I’m not the best at everything. I still struggle with it. When I can’t get an exercise or I mess one up, I can get pretty close to tears….but I’m learning to be humble.

For once, I’m having to experience not being in the spotlight. I’m having to learn to accept “defeat” gracefully.

Of course, ballet has also taught me discipline and focus. How else would I improve?? But the main thing I’ve learned is humility. To accept the fact that I’m not the best. To know this and keep trying, trying my best to improve. To make the best with what I have.

I just thought I’d share this with everyone.
Ballet isn’t just about physical development. It’s about emotional development as well. I am a better person because of ballet.


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