Making Good out of a Bad Situation

So, after talking to nutcracker “veterans,” it appears the angel part is just a bunch of walking around in circles on demi pointe. I’m told it hurts really bad.

While I’m still unhappy about getting this part, here’s how I’m looking at it and making it positive: Since it’s just a bunch of walking around on your tippy toes, I’ll just think of it as a nice calf workout.

This may seem like stupid reasoning here, but it helps me stay positive about the nutcracker. I mean, I desperately need to improve my calf strength anyways, for balancing and pointe work.

So right now I’m just imagining myself after nutcracker with nice strong, developed calves, perfect pointe work, and balances that last a lifetime. Haha. But this visualization works. I don’t feel so bad about this part anymore.

I do have to say that I’ve been very negative lately. School has been dragging me down. It seems like all the stuff about being positive I learned in the summer, just flew out the door when the school year started.

But I’m trying hard to get on track with my positive approach to life again. (I probably need to revise, and start saying my affirmations over again).

Then everything will be all better. :P


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    Oct 05, 2010 @ 11:12:53

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