I’m a Candy Cane??

So…..I was a candy cane understudy in the Nutcracker. For some reason, the other candy cane isn’t one anymore…so now I’m a candy cane.

I had my first candy cane rehearsal today. It’s a very cheerleader-y dance. It’ll make you kind of winded, but it’s not too bad. The steps are pretty easy too.

But apparently since I’m now an angel and candy cane, I’ll miss the second part to the angel dance because I think the 2 scenes are right after another. I’m not sure. They just told me I’d miss the last half.

So hooray for luck would you call it? Coincidence? I don’t know, but hooray for it. Now I don’t feel so bad because I have 2 parts instead of one.

Yay. :)


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