Pointe Pain = Gone

I have been very excited this week about pointe, because I’ve finally figured out how to rid myself of pointe pain!!

I’m not talking about regular pointe pain, you get used to that, but ever since I started pointe, I had had this mysterious, incredibly painful pain in my left big toe.

I can’t explain how it felt really. It was really hurting my knuckle and at the base of my toenail. It wasn’t normal pain, that’s for sure.

And it was crippling me too!! I could barely make through 10 minutes of class without this pain popping up. So when we tried to do stuff in the center, I was absolutely helpless!! I was not performing to my full potential at all.

But anyways, what I surmise caused this pain are several things. First, my left foot is still pretty weak…so during class, my foot would get tired, which would cause me to bend my toe (a BIG no no). This bending of my toe was the source of the pain.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Because of this excruciating pain, it was causing me to have incorrect ankle placement. In order to avoid putting weight on my toe, I was sickling my ankle, which is a VERY bad habit to get in to.

But I’m proud to say I’ve fixed this pain with the simplest of fixes.

I taped my toe.

Now I tape it like a mummy. From the knuckle up to the base of my toenail, I tape my toe to keep it from bending. Maybe this is cheating, but I don’t care!! I can finally dance now and work on improving my pointe work.



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