No Summer Ballet :(

So the other night my mom mentioned to me that she wasn’t planning on me taking ballet in the summer. I was a little sad by this news since I had assumed I would be taking summer ballet.

But I mean, I understand her reasonings. I’ll have to be getting ready for college during the summer and we need to save as much money as possible. She said she’d rather spend the money on a gym membership (which, honestly I get more exercise there).

But still, I like having ballet during the summer because it motivates me to get up at a decent hour and do something.

But part of me is also relieved I won’t be taking ballet in the summer. Honestly, I’ve started to get tired of all the stress and time ballet takes up. I need a break.

And I’ve been thinking, maybe I’m just not the right “type” for ballet. There’s a reason why “preppy” girls tend to do it and not girls like me (aka: rock lovers who wear dark colors, heavy makeup, and find “abnormal” piercings attractive).

I mean, ballet is very…polite. What with all its rules with behavior and stuff and frankly, I’m not polite. I don’t think im detailed enough for ballet. I just don’t understand focusing so much attention on details.

I’m not saying I can’t do ballet, I’m just saying maybe that’s why ballet and I have had some “issues.”


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