The Paul Taylor Dance Company

The Paul Taylor Dance Company came to Augusta!! And me and my mom went to see them!!

I was quite excited because this was the first time I’d ever seen a professional company perform. And it makes it all the better because it was Paul Taylor’s dance company. We bought our tickets kind of last minute because I did not realize who they were until after I’d starting getting into modern. But once I realized the significance of their visit, I knew I could not miss it!!

They performed “Speaking in Tongues” and his very famous, “Esplanade.”

Speaking in Tongues” was very strange. I had to google it on my phone during intermission so that we knew what was going on. My mom and I understood that it was about a small Pentecostal church, and that there was some sex scenes in it, but that was about it. The sex scenes were very awkward, not only because I was with my mom but also because it was a little too realistic for comfort.

But once I understood what was going on, I think I quite enjoyed the dance. I only wished I known before I watched them perform it. It would have made it much better. I wish our programs had had more info. All they told us was what speaking in tongues is.

Anyways, next we saw “Esplanade,” which I enjoyed the most out of the 2 dances. I have to say it’s much better in person. I had watched parts of it on YouTube and I thought it was pretty boring, but in person it’s very good!!

My favorite part has to be Part 5. I love all the fast movement and sliding and what not. It’s very energetic feeling.

The whole time I’m watching these dances, I couldn’t help but feel anxious and excited about taking modern classes in college. I’m so ready!! Modern looks like a much better fit for me than ballet ever will be. And no pointe shoes!! Haha.

It’s just looks so fun to move my body they way they do. That’s what I want. I want to dance because of the movement. I want to dance about emotion. Ballet isn’t really like that. Ballet is more about positions and extension…and whether you have the perfect body or not. None of that should matter. You should just move!!

But yes. That was my little adventure for the night. My mom took me out for ice cream afterwards. It was quite nice. I skipped my stretching and exercise tonight, since we got home so late. Hopefully missing one day won’t affect me too much.

Also, my parents told me today I should start up a website or something where people can donate money to my college fund…but I don’t know. Do you think it’s a good idea?? I suggested putting a paypal button thingy on this blog. I wonder if I could get any money?? But it’s just a thought.

But hooray for modern!!


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