Pointe Practice

One of my biggest goals in ballet is to become weightless on pointe. As much as I hate the pain it causes me, I want to excel at it so badly.

My mom said if I really, really wanted to, I could do ballet this summer. But I think that money is better spent on college; plus, I’ve already resigned myself to no ballet.

But I want to do ballet in college (or a dance of some sort), so I was trying to think of ways to keep up my ballet technique over the summer. I could conduct mini classes for myself: but the main thing I’m worried about is losing my few gains I’ve made on pointe.

Unfortunately, our house is mostly carpeted and the only place that has enough smooth floor for me to dance on is the kitchen. But still, that is not a lot of space between the table and chairs and counter and whatnot.

So I was thinking, what is something I could do on pointe that doesn’t take up a lot of space but will help improve my technique regardless?? And the answer is balances.

Improving my balances on pointe would not only help me gain the necessary strength to do pointe correctly, it would help me achieve that weightless look/feeling I desire. They would also help my pirouettes and basically everything else.

The ballet master at my studio says we should really be able to hold our balances for a minute or more – instead of the two-second ones we scrape by with at the studio. I think, for pointe especially, a minute is too long. I think aiming for 30 seconds, or maybe even 15 would be more appropriate to my skill level. Perhaps I could pull off 30-60 second balances on flat – but I’m not there yet on pointe.

I think this could be a real solution to my ballet-free summer, as long as I resolve myself to do it. I also need to get back with my foam roller. I was supposed to have my splits by now (according to my goal deadline).

Oh well.
I’ll have plenty of time to work on them before I leave for college. My classes don’t start until late September!!


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