Another (Less Crazy) Dream

I’ve always had another dream of mine, but this one is much less crazy and more doable than my dream of being a professional dancer – though it does sort of involve my dream of being a dancer.

I’ve always wanted to write a book.

Specifically, I want to write a book about my journey with dance – about my life. That’s sort of narcissistic isn’t it?? But I think an autobiography of sorts could be really inspiring for other girls facing the same challenges in dance. Especially if I am able to become a professional dancer, imagine how inspiring that would be!! There’s nothing I love more when I’m down, than to read inspiring stories about people who overcame difficulties to succeed.

I mean, google “too old to be a professional dancer” and you’ll get tons of results. All different people who have discovered a love for dance that want to turn it into a career, but much to their dismay, have discovered they are “too old.” I feel like I could really inspire people with a story about my life. Even if you took out the dance part, I have had some pretty difficult challenges in my life that people can relate to.

Haha. I feel like I’m being self-centered and egotistical for wanting to write an autobiography about my “challenging” life. But it’s true. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while – though I couldn’t actually write this book until I was about 30 or 40. I haven’t experienced enough of life yet to make a good book.

But that’s just a little side note I’ve been thinking about lately. Can’t you tell it’s summer by the frequency of my posts?? I don’t have much else to do these days. I need to get a job – but that’s a whole other story. Haha.


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