On thursday I used my foam roller for the first time in a couple of months and did my stretching and it has re-motivated me to reach my goal of being able to do the splits. But this time I’m going to take a slightly different approach.

Instead of focusing everything around my splits, I’m going to focus more on gentle stretching of my legs – particularly my hamstrings. My hamstrings are the tightest part of my legs and, I believe the main thing holding me back from my splits. All of the stretches I will do have the end goal of the splits in mind because I’ll be stretching muscles used in the splits, but they won’t be as extreme. In the past, I’ve focused on trying to go as far as possible in my stretches, and I don’t think that’s very beneficial. In the morning I would wake up sore and I would basically have to start all over again with my stretching.

I did my gentle stretching on thursday and I was much less sore the next day than I normally would have been. I think I’ll see more progress this way – my muscles will have less to repair after stretching. If I remain consistent over the summer and do this everyday (or at least every day during the week), I think by the time I leave for college, I will either have my splits or be very close to them.

Also, by using my foam roller in my warm up, I think I will see more progress as well. When I first started using my foam roller, I saw somewhat dramatic increases in my flexibility. So by using the foam roller to break up the “knots” in my muscles and then gently stretching those muscles, I think I’ll reach my goal in no time.


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