Stretching Frustration

I get so frustrated with my flexibility. I want the insane flexibility that professional ballet dancers have but unfortunately, I was not blessed with natural flexibility. All of the gains I’ve made in my flexibility have been an uphill battle.

And I’m also frustrated because there’s so much contradictory information on the internet. I don’t know who is correct and which technique I should use and which is more beneficial. And all the people who claim to have the “secret to flexibility” charge outrageous prices for their services and parade around looking suspiciously like a scam.

I just feel discouraged because I feel like I will never be able to do the splits. And in my head, I have glorified the idea of being able to do the splits so much, that I feel like I’ll never be a good dancer until I get them.

I know part of my frustration just stems from impatience and inconsistency. I want the splits but I want them now and I don’t want to put in the continual effort it takes. Ha! I’m my own worst enemy. I guess I can’t really start complaining until I’ve stretched everyday for a year and not seen an improvement.

I’m still about 6 inches off the ground, and that’s with my back leg slightly bent. I know where my “tight” spots are, where I really feel the stretch when I go into my splits – but I don’t really know how to stretch them. Does anybody know how to stretch the back of the knee?? I looked at diagrams – there’s not even really muscles back there!! So why do I feel tight there??

I think I just need to have patience, instead of complaining about my lack of flexibility. I need to commit to this and just shut my inner critic up. I really do believe if I stretch everyday until September 18 (finally got an official move in date), I will have my splits – or at least be so super close that it won’t even matter.


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