Splits Progress!!

I quite excited because after I my complaining in the last post, it seems I have made some progress. It’s a very small amount of progress, but progress is progress – so I’m not complaining.

Today I was able to go down in to the splits position, with my calf on the ground and my thigh for the most part parallel, and hold it for 1 minute!! Being able to hold my splits for 1 minute is quite exciting for me considering it used to be difficult for me to hold it for 10 seconds!! Not to mention my front leg is so close to being completely on the floor!! Now, it’s not all exciting because my back leg is still slightly bent, like in an attitude type position…but my main focus right now is getting my front leg flat. After I accomplish that, I’ll work on getting my back leg straight.

But this is still very exciting for me because being able to hold this position for so long means I should be able to make more lasting improvements, quicker. This is all very exciting for me, I’m just hoping I didn’t stress my muscles too much and I won’t wake up tomorrow barely able to move.

I know after I got finished my hip flexors felt kinda sore. I didn’t think your hip flexors were very important in a turned out split, but apparently they are – I’ll have to work on them. And I still need to work on my hamstring flexibility….but that’s easy and will just take time.

But I’m so happy. Accomplishments like this remind me not to give up and that I will be able to do the splits one day, if I only keep practicing!!


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