Blogging for Ohio State??

I just applied to be a blogger for Ohio State. I really hope I make the cut – though I have to wait until after June 27 to find out.

Obviously anyone who follows this blog knows how much I love to blog and write. If you’ve got a subject you’re interested in, chances are I’ve made a blog about it!! I provided them with a link to this blog so hopefully they like what they see. I had to answer 4 short answer questions and write 2 sample blog posts. I hope I did well!! My mom always tells me I’m a good writer. Let’s hope she’s right!!

I don’t know if it was a disadvantage to stay up till 1:40 AM filling out the form and writing responses but I didn’t want to sleep until I’d submitted an application. Besides, night’s when I do most of my blogging anyways – I think that’s when I’m at my best!!

But wish me luck!! I really hope I make the cut. I would really love to be a blogger for Ohio State. But don’t worry, even if I do become a blogger for OSU, I’ll still definitely keep up this blog. Even if I never dance again in college, dance will always be a huge part of my life. Maybe this blog will morph into a blog about Columbus’s arts scene?? Wouldn’t that be interesting?? I don’t know. Hopefully I find a way to balance dance with all my other interests and passions.

And by the way, I turned 18 two days ago. Yay me!! I was supposed to buy my celebratory lottery tickets last night but I forgot. Oh well, it’s not a big deal. I’ll just buy them some other time. I didn’t have any cash on me anyways.

This is a very short post but expect another more elaborate one in the next day or two. Writing all this stuff reminded me of tons of other things I have to say!! But now, it’s 1:50 AM and I’d really like to go to bed.

Haha. So wish me luck. And more importantly, pray that they like this blog!! I’d hate for them to read this blog and it totally turn them off from “hiring” me. I think I do a pretty decent job as an 18 year old blogger. I’ve certainly read much worse on the internet. ^_^


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