Getting Ready to Go

So I’m sitting here and I’m supposed to be packing for my orientation trip, but I procrastinate – so here I am.

I’m quite excited to be going back to Ohio State for orientation. It feels like it’s been forever since I was last there (in reality, it’s probably only been about 6 months). But, the last time I was there was sometime in November I think, so it was cold and kind of miserable. My southern blood wasn’t prepared for the drop in temperature. And I’m excited to get to see the Oval in full color, all green and pretty-like.

But I’m especially anxious and excited to finally get signed up for my classes!! It’s nerve-racking because I’ll actually be doing the signing up by myself. Of course there will be upperclassmen to help me, but up until now, my parents have been involved with everything college related. Signing up for classes is a big decision, and I’m kind of nervous about making it without my parents. Of course, that’s the point of going off to college – to become independent and able to do things without your parents. It’s still nerve-racking.

One aspect I’m not so excited about is staying overnight in the dorm. I don’t know who I’ll be staying with or how thing’s are going to work – and if you know me, you know I hate unknowns. Even though they put us up in the nice dorms, it’s still not an exciting idea to me. Even though I have a sister, I’ve basically been an only child (because my sister is 8 years older than me) so I tend to be a kind of private person. I know I’ll be staying in dorms during the school year – but that’s different because I’ll know who I’m staying with and what to expect.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m freaking out about it so much. I’ve never had this problem in the past with summer camps and whatnot. I think it’s just the whole aspect of college and the overwhelming-ness of the situation. There’s a lot to fit in, in 2 days.


But in case you haven’t figured it out, I am combining my 2 blogs, so this will now be a blog about dance and college. Sorry 3 people who took my poll and said no, but this is just more convenient for me (and you were out voted). I mean, my life is changing and even though dance is still important to me, it’s not going to be my central focus anymore. I think blogging about college will be just as enjoyable to read, who wants to listen to me whine about dance anyways?? Haha.

But my laundry is done so I can finally finish packing. Hooray!!


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