A Thought on Posture

A common theme has been appearing in my flexibility research. Incorrect posture can cause your muscles to shorten and tighten!! More specifically, the muscles necessary to do the splits….and I’m the queen of bad posture. Sitting or standing, I’m always slouching. And if I’m not slouching I’m doing the extreme opposite: sticking my butt out. It’s something my mom has been harping on me about for years. Well, she’s got a point.

Apparently all this bad posture can cause your hamstring and iliopsoas muscles to shorten – and those are 2 of the most important muscles involved in the splits. Not to mention sitting for long periods of time also causes tight muscles. And guess what I do during most of the school day and all summer – I sit. I sit on the couch or I sit in class. No wonder my hamstrings are so tight!!

I’ve always bemoaned my horribly tight hamstrings, when all along it’s been my fault they’re like this.

Another cause of tight hamstrings are muscle imbalances, which is also something I have problems with. Ever since I quit cross training and going to the gym about a year ago, my muscles have gotten weaker and weaker. I’ve lost a lot of my back strength and hamstring strength. My quad strength has remained pretty consistent due to ballet but because of this, my muscles are now imbalanced. Not to mention having weak back and hamstring muscles also contributes to…guess what?? Bad posture.

Ugh…I guess I’ve got more to work on than just my flexibility.


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