Ready to Give Up

I am so ready to give up on stretching. I feel like I’m not making any progress and now I’m facing the possibility that I may have overstretched and injured my hamstrings. I don’t know why I have elevated the splits to such an important accomplishment. I have built them up in my mind, like getting them will solve all my problems.

I’m just so frustrated. I skipped 2 days of stretching and then tried to start where I had left off and now my hamstrings are way overstretched. It’s that area right up in the butt, the top of the hamstring. It hurts when I wake up and seems to get worse when I stretch that area. Hooray. This means I’m going to lose a lot of time to healing and it’s really going to set me back.

I wish I could just not care about flexibility, but it’s almost become an obsession with me. And it’s so frustrating because I don’t understand why my hamstrings are always so tight and why I can’t do the splits. I wish there was some miracle secret to developing my flexibility and achieving the splits but there’s not, and it’s really discouraging me.

As long as I’m dancing, not being able to do the splits will be a constant frustration to me. I know if I can get my splits, developing other aspects of my flexibility will be much easier. But I seem to have reached an impasse, my muscles don’t want to stretch any farther.

The internet makes getting the splits sound so easy, but in reality it’s not. I’m just so annoyed. It’s been 4 years. I’ve been trying to get the splits ever since I started ballet, and yes, I have made a lot of progress – but I’m still not there.

I guess I feel such urgency because I still haven’t completely given up on the dream of being a professional dancer – but no one wants to hire a dancer who can’t even do the splits!!

Blah. I know complaining about this won’t fix anything, but knowing that I basically have to quit stretching for a while isn’t making me feel too great. I have splits envy. Haha. I’m jealous of any and everyone who can do the splits. I just don’t understand why it has to be so hard.

(After looking around on the internet, I think it may be okay to do some really gentle stretching. I know my injury isn’t that severe and hopefully gentle stretching will help prevent so much loss in flexibility. I just won’t be able to practice my splits at all for a while. I think once my hamstrings heal, I’ll try some PNF stretching. I’ve tried it in the past but I didn’t really understand it or like it – but it’s supposed to be very good for developing flexibility.)


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