All Moved In!!

So I am officially moved in to OSU now. I feel bad because right now there’s a “party” going on downstairs and I’m up here in my room by myself writing this. I’m just not very good at being social. I’m sure I’ll make friends eventually, but it won’t be instant.

So today actually went very smoothly. Check in was a breeze. My bed loft was already set up like it was supposed to be. Granted we had to move some furniture around to fit my tastes but my room is mostly how I want it. The walls are rather barren but I’ll be fixing that as soon as possible. My parents hung out with me most of the day, on account of the fact that this is the last time they’ll see me until Christmas. I felt kind of lame, but at the same time, I was sad to see them go.

My roommate and I seem to be getting along pretty well. There’s a really social girl opposite our room who I think has befriended us, but of course she’s befriended everybody.

It’s funny to me. People say I sound southern, but I don’t hear an accent at all. I guess that’s how it is in Ohio. Most people up here sound normal to me, but I guess I don’t sound normal to them. I was thinking being up here would tone down my accent, of course it’s only been one day, but still…..I don’t think I sound that southern, except for an occasional y’all.

But I don’t have much else to say. Other than moving in, today has been pretty uneventful. I’m not feeling homesick yet, though I’m sure I will be in a couple of days. Right now it just feels like summer camp.


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