About Me

Okay. So here’s a little about me and my background in the arts.

I’ve been a music child my whole life (my sister is a middle school band teacher!!). I started taking piano lessons in the 2nd grade, and then moved on to more and more instruments: hand bells, flute, oboe, saxophone, just to name a few. I joined band in middle school and stuck with it (even though I hated it) because of the promise that it would get better in high school. So I did band all throughout high school (all except my upcoming senior year) but it never really made me happy.

I’m also an art child. 10th grade year I took Art 1 at my school to get an introduction to the different forms. This past year, I took Ceramics 1 and loved it. My senior year, I took graphic design, Ceramics II, and AP 3D Art. I took all these art classes because I was planning on becoming a graphic designer and I needed to develop my portfolio for college, but now….that’s all changed.

Well, to back track, back in 8th grade, I had some “problems” and as I overcame these problems, my therapist recommended to my parents to let me try something new that I might enjoy, something I could do for me and no one else (because I had always felt like I was doing music to please other people).

So 9th grade year, freshmen year of high school, I started taking ballet. And I fell in love with it.

I danced for 1 year at a dance program that taught many different forms of dance before I decided that I wanted a stricter, more disciplined ballet regime. I spent 3 years at that academy and started pointe my last year there. I dropped band my senior year so I would have more time and money to focus on ballet and art.

So my life has been a whirlwind of one kind of art after another. Now I’m getting ready for my first year at the Ohio STate University with a major in International Studies, and (possibly) a minor in Turkish. I’m in OSU’s scholar program, so I’ll be traveling the world this year. But I haven’t forgotten dance!! I’ll also be taking modern for this first time this year.

So who knows?? Originally, I had thought I might audition for OSU’s dance major department, but now I’m finding myself fall more and more in love with my current major. Dance will always definitely be a part of my life, the question is now – how much of my life??


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Deb
    May 24, 2011 @ 18:07:50

    You are never too old to dance. NEVER!


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