Promotion :D

So…apparently all my hard work this summer paid off….I got promoted!! So now, instead of being a Petite 1, I’m a Petite 2!! I’m very excited about this. It really makes me happy to know that good things do come to those who work hard.

I would’ve found out sooner, but for some reason, we didn’t get the email. I’ll have to talk to them about that tonight (if I remember).

So since I found out only yesterday that I got promoted, I wound up staying for 2 classes. Petite 1 (which I thought was my required class) and Petite 2 (which is my new required class). I’ll probably still take petite 1 class though, for extra practice. Right now I’ve been taking ballet 3 also (lower than Petite 1) and I’ll probably keep taking that, but I guess since I’m a Petite 2 now, I can take junior class. So maybe I’ll take junior class once a week. To push myself??

Also, I know I originally planned to take ballet 3 on pointe, but I don’t think my teachers will let me. But that’s okay, I think it’s nice to have a day break between pointe class.

I got the contact information for a private teacher emailed to me a while ago, but I keep putting off contacting her. I think it’s just cuz I get so busy with school and stuff that I forget. I need to try to remember to do that tonight. (I also keep putting off sewing my new pointe shoes!!)

Also, I know I said I wasn’t planning on trying to become a professional anymore…would you lie to hear my new college plans now??

Right now I’m hoping to go to Ohio State (in Columbus) and major in Arabic and minor in Turkish. Then possibly get some sort of government job that involves translating or international affairs or whatever.

My mom worries because I’ve taken all these art classes to prepare for an art career that I’ve decided I don’t want. She’s afraid my academics won’t look good enough. But I think I’ll be okay. I’m planning on learning french for my senior project, so hopefully that will improve my track record.

But yeah. My life is super busy and hectic right now. But I’m happy with the direction its going. :)